January 31st 2017 at 2:00pm EST

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Don't get caught with a single point of failure!

Delivering a world-class digital experience requires a strategy to overcome the volatile path the public internet places between your users and your cloud, content, applications, and data centers. The control plane of this path is DNS; and, if your DNS fails, so too does your digital business.

Join us on January 31st at 2:00PM EST for this brief best practices webinar on how using multiple partners in all facets of your online business can help you to beat the odds and win using the internet to build resiliency.

In 20 minutes, learn about:

  • Sources of internet volatility and their impact on user experience.
  • Infrastructure strategies for digital resilience, such as secondary DNS and multi-cloud/CDN.
  • How you can use DNS configurations to change the performance game

If your questions are not covered, following the webinar will be a live Q&A!


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