"Until now, though, IT departments and their respective organizations have lacked full transparency into performance beyond their network perimeters."

IDG Editor, Chris Nerney

Edge Resiliency

In this practical ebook, Gary Sloper of Oracle Dyn and Mark Wilkins of Global Knowledge explain proactive steps you can take to ensure resiliency against unplanned events at the network edge. IT and network operations directors and managers will learn how to balance workloads and optimize performance to counter volatility sources, such as internet threats, equipment failure, network congestion, and weather-related outages. The ebook also examines ways to steer traffic more efficiently and how to strengthen your security posture within a hybrid or multicloud environment. The focus is on helping you:

  • Recognize the uncontrollable and unpredictable factors that contribute to internet volatility
  • Understand the characteristics of a resilient infrastructure built to withstand volatility
  • Learn how a managed DNS infrastructure can strengthen performance, availability, and security at the edge
  • Examine intelligent DNS-based edge services such as active failover, federated load balancing, traffic steering, and path optimization
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